3 Important SEO Statistics You Need to Know

When we wrote about SEO and readability a few weeks ago, we knew there would be some lingering questions about SEO in 2018. Things have changed so much in the last 5 years, ...



In Email Marketing, How Do I Know What Kind of Email to Send?

You’re ready to start email marketing. You’ve read our to guide and you think you’ve got the basics. But once you sign up for Mailchimp, or MailerLite, ...



Want Readable Website Content? Follow Our 5 Tips

Most business owners are aware of SEO by now. It’s been a buzzword (or buzz term?) for several years. We’ve survived through the era of websites putting huge swatches of hidden text in footers to keyword stuff (dark days, indeed) and have ...



Our Best Advice for New College Graduates

Here in Eugene, Oregon, we are home to the University of Oregon. Our CEO Celeste Edman is a frequent mentor to many at the U of O, and our office is located close to the U of O campus. Maybe this is why everyone in the office feels connected to the class ...



We Answer the 5 Questions We Hear Most About Digital Advertising

Digital advertising can be confusing to those who have never used it.

Just recently, a major cosmetic brand was in hot water because one of their ads (running on the Google Display Network) appeared on a somewhat unsavory website. While ...



Why Young Professionals Should Be Grateful for Rejection

A few weeks ago, we shared a vlog from our CEO, Celeste Edman, that dealt with applying for funding and being rejected. You can watch that vlog on our YouTube channel

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