What Does Improving SEO Really Mean?

We talk a lot about SEO here at Lunar Logic. It’s one of the many things we consider ourselves distinctly good at: helping clients better understand where they are with SEO and then, helping them to improve so that they can get more customers, build ...



What Does Work-Life Balance Really Mean?

Are you ready to be free from the myth of work-life balance. Our CEO, Celeste Edman, is here to talk about what work-life balance means and how to achieve it... or not.

This might be your shortest read today. Why? Because once ...



Did You Know About Google My Business Posts?

Around July 2017, Google quietly introduced Google My Business posting.

I say “quietly” because we weren’t 100% ...



Is Employee Engagement as Scary as it Sounds?

89% of employers believe that when an employee leaves, they leave for more money; in reality, only 12% of employees say they leave for more money. (You can check out the source of this stat



3 Important SEO Statistics You Need to Know

When we wrote about SEO and readability a few weeks ago, we knew there would be some lingering questions about SEO in 2018. Things have changed so much in the last 5 years, ...



In Email Marketing, How Do I Know What Kind of Email to Send?

You’re ready to start email marketing. You’ve read our to guide and you think you’ve got the basics. But once you sign up for Mailchimp, or MailerLite, ...

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