What Can We Learn from Controversial Reviews?

Every business owner has been there: you’re coasting along, feeling good about your business, and you’re alerted to a negative review. Whether it is on Yelp, Google Reviews, or another website, that negative review can feel like an absolute ...



Everything You Need to Know About the Changes to Twitter Automation

For the past several weeks, Twitter users have noticed their timelines rapidly changing. Large, popular accounts have been suspended; they aren’t seeing duplicated, viral tweets; and everything is talking about how Twitter is cracking down on spam.



What You Need to Know Before Starting Digital Marketing

When we first start talking to a potential client, or just another business in Eugene, they ultimately have a lot of questions about digital marketing. What, exactly, does digital marketing entail? What do we do for businesses? What kind of results do ...



3 Things to Know About the New Instagram Algorithm

Over the weekend, the internet exploded: Instagram announced that they would be changing the Instagram algorithm.

Many influencers, social media managers, and users interpreted Instagram’s announcement to mean that the chronological ...



5 Life Lessons We Learned from Stephen Hawking

Nearly two weeks ago, Stephen Hawking passed away. Hawking was not just a figure of pop culture; he was a scientist and mathematician who directly impacted how we think of space, the universe, and even existence.

In the Lunar office, we’ve ...



4 SEO Don'ts You Should Absolutely Avoid

Success with SEO can feel like a slippery, elusive goal. Things are always changing in the SEO world and staying on top of the game, especially on your own, can be challenging. There is a lot of information out there about what to do when it comes to ...

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