Are You Asking the Right Questions About Your Marketing?

Are You Asking the Right Questions About Your Marketing?

Here at Lunar Logic, we deal with almost every level of business from small, local businesses to larger, corporate offices, and, of course, everything in-between. We know that being a CEO of any size of business can be a lot of work: you have a million things on your plate and you hire employees that you trust so you happily delegate work to them.

Fast forward 6 months and you realize you never followed up with your marketing manager about that big campaign, or how the new content writer is doing. Follow up is important when it comes to having a well-rounded view of your business—but we know that’s easier said than done.

Whether you have an in-house marketing team or use a digital marketing agency like us, we wanted to compile a list of questions that CEOs should be asking their head of marketing, or agency, regarding their business’s marketing. This will give you an effective look at marketing, whether you’re curious about the content your employees are producing or their success level.

About Content

Content is the foundation of digital marketing. Social media marketing, social and search ads, blog posts, photography, and website content are all just that, content. Most likely, your marketing is centered around producing content. Here are some questions to ask periodically to get a better idea of the content that your team is producing, how it demonstrates your brand and more.

  1. . How do we stand out from our competition?
  2. . What is brand message?
  3. . Where is our content posted? How does it differentiate platform-to-platform?
  4. . What is going to be measured?

About Customers

Your customers are at the heart of your business. And your marketing is often directly concerned with appealing to them, providing them with products and services that improve their lives, and much more. Here are some questions to ask to learn more about your customers and how your marketing is suited to them.

  1. . Who are our customers?
  2. . What is the preferred method of communication for our customers?
  3. . What kind of experience does our marketing provide to them?
  4. . How does our marketing provide value to existing customers?
  5. . What do we know about the customers that we have lost in the last 30 days?

About Data

Digital marketing is all about data, as we’ve written before. You can collect a lot of data through marketing, which means you need to know about measuring that data, what it makes in terms of success, and how you keep your customers and potential customers information safe. Here are some questions to ask.

  1. . How is the impact of marketing, and success, measured? How does this impact the sales department? Where is the line between marketing and sales in terms of the sales funnel?
  2. . How do we protect our customers’ data?

About Tools

Marketing can lead to a lot of tools—sometimes, one thing gets picked, then abandoned, but never gets taken off of billing. Here are some questions to ask about the tools that your marketing department is using.

  1. . What variety of tools do we use to achieve our marketing efforts?
  2. . What is the map of these tools? What is the total cost of all of these tools?
  3. . How frequently are we auditing whether these tools are being used enough to justify the cost?
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