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How can my brand use Instagram?

As we roll into 2017, the team at Lunar has been thinking a lot about how businesses can use Instagram to build their brand. Instagram is a growing platform with over 600 million users. It's colorful, artistic layout appeals to a younger demographic and can make your brand go from dull to visually professional and inspiring.

Every social media platform is a way for your brand to get more recognition and impact, but each platform has something it’s specifically good at. In Instagram’s case, it’s visual branding.

Instagram Post With Caption And Image Labeled

Instagram lets you keep your followers updated by sharing pictures and captions. The picture can be a snapshot of all your employees, a pamphlet for a company event, a teaser image for a brand new product—really, whatever you want. Captions are just short descriptions of your image that can contain hashtags (like Twitter) and shed a little more light on what the image is about.

While all of this sounds good and fun, Instagram can also give your brand a big boost. A mission statement can do a lot, but giving people images to associate with your business does a lot more. Want to let the world know you’re professionals in tech? Post a picture of your giant server room. Want to show people that employees are more than a job description? Post a picture from a company barbecue.

If you have a visually compelling workplace, Instagram stories might be right for you. Instagram stories are pictures or short videos that people can view for up to 24 hours before they disappear. Work in a traditional office? Getting a lot out of Instagram stories might be an uphill battle. Work in a glassblowing studio? You might have hundreds of people coming to your page to check out your daily creations.

Instagram Halloween Post

Captivating images let you paint a picture of your business, but they provide more tangible results too. With good enough content, you can grab the attention of people that are strangers to your brand and watch your audience grow organically. People following your Instagram page can engage with your content and increase your overall brand awareness. Members of your audience that land on your profile page can be converted to your website via links in your profile, and even lead to more sales.

If you’d like to get an idea of what a professional Instagram page looks like, head over and take a look at our Instagram business page.

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