Our Biggest Takeaways from the Eugene Young Professionals Summit

A portion of the Lunar Logic team got to attend the Eugene Young Professionals Summit on June 20. We love a good conference and this one, in particular, was really exciting.

The theme of this year’s conference was here. That seems like a pretty simple, maybe a little odd, but it made total sense to us.

I grew up in Eugene and I remember having the feeling that I needed to get out of Eugene and the surrounding area in order to achieve anything. In fact, sometimes I’m still guilty of having that feeling. But the truth is, there is so much potential here, in Eugene, young professionals just have to be more creative—or really brave.

I asked a few of my fellow attendees from Lunar about their main takeaways from the YP Summit. Here they are.

Mahina Husain, CSM:

1. Be a reckless optimist
2. Enjoy your mistakes
3. Don’t stop learning

Anna Herring, CSM

1. Take risks
2. Be open-minded
3. embrace your mistakes

Janice Halka, Business Analyst

1. “Grow where you are planted”
2. If a plant is not growing, we change the surroundings
3. Don’t let your negative self get in the way of your positive self

Michelle Locke, Content Strategist

That’s me! Since I’m the writer of the group, I’ll expand a little bit.

1. Everyone has different ideas of what Eugene is (and can be). One of the best parts of the summit was the roundtable discussions, where talked about branding Eugene, determining Eugene’s “villain” (aka what we are the hero in face of), and the current biggest problems of Eugene. It was interesting how everyone, even at my own table, had different ideas of what Eugene needed to do to be better. As a parent, my perspective is going to be incredibly different from a young professional who is single and childless. But it doesn’t make either of our perspectives less valid. Everyone agreed, however, that Eugene’s biggest issue is the current “growing pains”: Eugene, like a teenager, has all the potential of being a thriving adult. But Eugene isn’t an adult yet.

2. Business plan your life. This is another parent-centric takeaway. Jessi Duley, of Burncycle in Portland, gave the keynote speech and one of my favorite parts was when she talked about being a parent, as well as a professional. Again, as a parent myself, I often struggle with keeping up on everything: my work with Lunar, my son, my home. However, Jessi had a really great idea: plan your life like you plan a business. Leave your phone in your car (genius, why haven’t I been doing this?!) Determine who is better at which tasks and delegate. I’m sure all of this has applications outside of parenting, but for me, it made me realize it’s time to divide and conquer when it comes to prioritizing parenting, as well as my work.

3. Have one f*** it moment a week. This is another note from Jessi Duley. She had us turn to someone else at our table during the keynote and say, “f*** it, I’m going to _____”. For me, that thing was “I’m going to finish an ebook this week!” I often tell people that I work best in small goals, like “this week, I’m going to make dinner every day (even when I’m really tired)” or “this week, I’m going to dress nice every day, instead of just wearing leggings and my husband’s t-shirts.” However, I really like the idea of one big, “I’m not going to be afraid! I’m going to do the difficult thing” moment per week.
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