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Yes, Even Your B2B Brand Needs Social Media

Here's a standard conversation that happens here at Lunar HQ:

Potential client: But I don't need social media.

CSM: Are you sure?

Potential client: Absolutely.

Readers... they are wrong.

Every business needs some form of social media.

We wish there were a different answer; we wish we could tell you that, sure, you can skip social media! We know it would help so many with their small digital marketing budgets. But that just isn't true (and honestly, it would make us really sad because we love social media).

Not every social media platform works for every business. For example, most B2B manufacturing businesses, for example, won't have much use for Facebook or Instagram. Those just aren't platforms that can convert potential customers. B2C makes sense on social media: consumers are wanting to learn about products, are more likely to pay attention to an ad about laundry detergent or plumbing services?

But, Michelle, you say, I don't believe you. How can my B2B really benefit from any social media?

I'm glad you asked. Let's talk about it.

We Know What Works for B2C. But What Works for B2B?

Many of our clients here at Lunar are B2C: banks and credit unions, plumbers and HVAC companies, granola companies and more. Even they are sometimes hard to convince to take on social media--but it is a little bit easier to understand for B2C companies, right? Your consumers are on social media; they are likely to be influenced by Facebook and Instagram advertising, Instagram posts, and much more.

But for B2B, this is a little bit harder. That's why we say: the place for B2B isn't necessarily the same as B2C on social media.

This isn't necessarily a complicated idea but can be confusing. When it comes to marketing, sometimes we want one-size-fits-all answers; we want to be told what works and what doesn't. As a data-focused digital marketing agency, we absolutely agree. But when it comes to social media, the data is so specific and individual to each company, each niche, and each platform, as well as each specific goal. So, unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all plan for social media and a B2B.

As we wrote in our blog post about measuring social media success, we talked about how social media plans should be designed to specifically relate to your business's individual goals.

That's the first step when it comes to B2B: what's the goal for being on social media? We already know the answer: to make money, to manage your reputation, to get more customers. That's the point of all marketing, but specifically for B2B. So when it comes to social media, what's the answer?

B2Bs don't have much purpose being on Instagram or Facebook. In fact, according to Neil Patel, most social media platforms are ineffective for gaining leads for B2Bs. Except, of course, LinkedIn.

That's right. LinkedIn. Initially launched as a networking platform, LinkedIn has rapidly become a sales team dream: it's a great place to make connections, share content, and for your B2B business to actively connect with potential customers who are on the platform for work purposes. LinkedIn is a great place to have both a company page and your sales team working as individuals to prospect, network, and get leads.

This isn't Facebook, which people are using in their free time to relax, or Instagram, where people merely want to see beautiful content. LinkedIn is specifically a work-focused platform and that means it is perfect for B2Bs.

Social media and marketing aren't, and can never be, prescriptive. But we mean it when we say: if you have a B2B and you aren't on LinkedIn, you're missing one of the most valuable opportunities out there.

So, LinkedIn. What Else?

B2B doesn't have to just focus on LinkedIn and nothing else. Depending on your goals, there are other social media platforms to consider; you might use Twitter to connect with other knowledge leaders (this is more for your CEO and building their brand). But there is one other, little-talked-about platform that we think is vitally important for B2Bs.

It's Google My Business.
We hope you were sitting down for that one, we know it's overwhelming!

Yes, Google My Business. Google+ no longer exists, but Google My Business is rapidly becoming one of the most important areas of social media for B2Bs. We wrote an entire blog post on Google My Business when we found out about it. The best way to think of posting on Google My Business is to think of those posts are essentially free Google ads.

Yeah, you read that correctly: these posts can help convert potential customers; improve your website's SEO; and draw attention to your listing on Google searches.

Why wouldn't you use it?

Google My Business allows a few different types of posts; we specifically like sharing reviews, keyword-focused short content, and special deals for our clients, as these often get them the most valuable conversions (and help their website's SEO, which is always a good thing).

If your business isn't on Google My Business (or if you're not sure, or you have no idea what that is, or you're very confused because you thought you didn't need social media and suddenly you realize, oh my goodness we do), send us a note here.

So What Do I Do Now?

Have I convinced you, that despite previous beliefs about social media, even your B2B brand needs social media? I hope I have. And thankfully, I have some more resources for you to read.

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Are You Asking the Right Questions About Your Marketing?

We've outlined two social media platforms that we think B2Bs can benefit from using. But what does that mean? We want to help you create a social media marketing plan that helps you hit your goals. Send us a note here and we'll chat more about what you can achieve thanks to social media.
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