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YouTube Advertising and the Power of Online Video

Every minute, another 15 hours of online video is added to YouTube. Are you in awe? You should be! YouTube represents a majority of online video and that’s for a good reason; they get over 100 million views per month. Videos are affordable to produce, they can act as both videos and ads, and YouTube ads in particular are incredibly affordable, which makes them an important marketing tool. Our own Lunar Logic YouTube ad has taught us that there is a lot of value in online video.

Right now, we have two videos on YouTube and each video represents a different way to use digital marketing. These videos are very different in terms of what we use them for, but both are extremely valuable. Below, you’ll find an overview of all the ways you can utilize video marketing, from creating YouTube ads to utilizing video as a sales tool.

YouTube Ads and Video Advertising

Take a look at our ad on YouTube above, which is about Google AdWords campaigns. This video is valuable because it plays before other people’s videos and allows us to gain more customers. If our goal is to drive more people to our website and look into our AdWords services, this video is a successful way to do that. We have chosen a target audience that this ad should play for, and the number of views reflects how far reaching our ad has been.

If you know even just a little about Google AdWords and how online advertising tends to work, you might think, That sounds really expensive. However, YouTube advertising is incredibly affordable; you only pay for your ads to run when someone watches at least 30 seconds or the whole video if the ad is less than 30 seconds. That means you won’t be paying for views by people that aren’t interested in your product.

Furthermore, shooting and creating this video was relatively cheap. To create a good video, you don’t need a huge studio or fancy equipment; you just need a good idea and a camera. The best ads are those that get a message across, so we kept ours simple and we’ve found that it resonates. We’ve experienced a significant increase in site traffic and engagement, and we can compare those trends to the click-through rate of those who found us via YouTube.

Other Benefits of Online Video Beyond Advertising

The other Lunar Logic YouTube video featured here covers Google Partners and what it means to be a Google Partner. This video has fewer views than our ad, but it’s just as valuable. Why? It gives our clients and potential customers a way understand our business and how we operate. They can also get a feel for our values and company culture. While fewer people may watch this video over time, it’s still just as important for us to have and to promote. While the ad serves as a way to reach a wide audience and draw them to our website, the longer, informational video helps them understand a little more about our services and our business.

What are the other benefits of online video? Lets take a look:

1. Global Audience.
Through YouTube and through YouTube advertising, you can reach a global audience–and we don’t mean everyone. YouTube and Google offer many ways to narrow down to your target audience, optimize your videos for organic search, and find the right viewers.

2. Increased Opportunities to Appear in Search.
We all know that’s a good thing. A good way to ensure that your video is seen is optimizing it for YouTube search, which includes adding a good description underneath each video, transcribing the video and providing captions, and choosing an effective title. (Did we mention that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google?) More views means more opportunities for valuable actions, such as clicks on annotation links or visits to your website (just make sure your description includes your website url). Google also prioritizes media in search results, so having video content is a plus, even in a regular Google search.

3. Engaging Content.
Visual content will always be more engaging than any other type of content. It is also a great way to feature a product or service so that potential customers know exactly how it works and its benefits. The more chances a potential customer has to see a product and to see other people using it, the more likely they are to want to test the product themselves. Whether that means creating short videos to post on Twitter and Google+ or expanding into YouTube advertising, videos are an easy way to build your brand and engage potential customers.

Get Started With Online Video

We don’t need to repeat a bunch of statistics to know that YouTube is a powerful tool for any business. Online video offers a powerful opportunity to businesses of all sizes to reach more customers. With the right tools and the right knowledge, online video is the perfect opportunity to increase your reach and your customer base.

Lunar Logic now offers video marketing services including YouTube channel set-up and optimization, video production and writing, transcription and description writing, and more. Contact us to learn more about how you can grow your online reach with video marketing.

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