Challenges:The Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians (CTCLUSI) consists of three tribes (4 bands) who trace their ancestry back to the aboriginal inhabitants of the South-Central Oregon coast. The CTCLUSI website was not responsive and had administrative and user interfaces that were difficult to use. They wanted a mobile-friendly website with easy-to-use interfaces through which they could communicate information to a wide array of user audiences—including the general public, tribal membership and the tribal council, all of whom needed different levels of access to public and tribal files. CTCLUSI needed a way to coordinate potentially sensitive profile information for members and to mark each piece of media as public or private, as well as communicate health, dental and other tribal services, and collect information for tribal membership. It was important to the tribe that the new website be accessible and respectful of tribal elders and other tribal members spanning a wide spectrum of computer literacy.

Solution:Because CTCLUSI had a variety of needs that needed to be served by a single website, as well as users with different security levels and computer knowledge, Lunar Logic built a mobile-friendly, custom solution featuring a much more usable Content Management System (CMS) and user and administrative interfaces. The user interface was designed to give each user the content they need based on their security level and to allow for Facebook authentication. Lunar Logic also provided strategies for data migration from the old website to the new.

To visit CTCLUSI: Please click here
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