Guaranty RV

Challenge: Guaranty is an instantly recognized brand in the Eugene area, thanks in part to their well-known commercials. They had a site that had different URLs, several company names and multiple inventory systems, and they were also interested in more branding consistency throughout the website. They approached Lunar Logic with the goals of creating a unified website that provided easy to use navigation, innovative ways to search, and comprehensive analytics that would significantly lower their ongoing maintenance costs. Beyond those improvements, Guaranty also wanted their site to be responsive, allowing mobile users to access all the features of their site, and they wanted to include a parts store. Further, there were interested in creating a service app that would allow customers to schedule service appointments.

Solution: Lunar Logic developed a new site within the framework of a Content Management System that integrated multiple databases coupled with a unique approach to search and client interaction, and with a consistent brand throughout the site to create continuity for the end user. This website was both responsive and easy to navigate. With this successful website in place, the client worked with Lunar Logic to develop the service app for RV owners. At the client’s request, Lunar Logic also took over management of Guaranty’s AdWords campaigns, adding and optimizing search display and YouTube ads, and remarketing to previous visitors of, as well as adding short term campaigns to promote Guaranty sales events. Lunar Logic also monitors Guaranty’s analytics and Google Trends to predict and capitalize on seasonal shifts in search interests for the RV industry.

Results: Guaranty’s customer surveys have shown that the improved online marketing is an overwhelming factor in their decision to purchase an RV. Guaranty AdWords campaigns have helped daily sales through targeted campaigns around the state with a measurable increase in attendance, engagement and sales for special events. Guaranty’s YouTube channel has increased views by nearly 40% and all their videos frequently top organic search results for any given model. The new Guaranty app has provided data about Guaranty’s customer base and made it easier for those customers to get service.

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