Lane Community College

Challenge: Lane Community College (LCC) does amazing work for the community, providing opportunities for growth and education for people of a variety of backgrounds. They had a vision for a WebTool product that would provide the technical background for community colleges to better coordinate the Career Pathways Federal Initiative program on their campuses. LCC successfully began developing the WebTool, but needed assistance with more complicated aspects of the development, including architectural guidance and production support. They also wanted a program that would help them track their budgets.

Solutions: Lunar Logic revitalized the architecture of the WebTool, providing support and ongoing development of the product in line with Lane Community College’s vision. Lunar Logic used HTML Canvas to generate the system for the Pathways, essentially serving as a flowchart. Lunar Logic continues to provide site and server maintenance for this project. Lunar Logic also created a budgeting tool for Lane Community College that allowed departments to request, receive approval on, and track budgets.

Results: The WebTool product has been adopted by community colleges in Oregon, Washington and California, allowing LCC to successfully provide leadership, training and technical assistance on Career Pathways, and enabling hundreds of adult students to make positive educational and career transitions. There are pending adoptions in more states across the West. The budgeting tool has successfully reduced the amount of time needed to request, approve and track budgets from 6 months to 1 week.

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