Challenge: Waitrainer+ was a successful start-up training program for restaurants. They had some sales traction and a number of happy clients. However, they lacked the marketing and sales focus necessary to grow the product and needed updates to keep it current with food industry standards and changes to the market.

Solution: Lunar Logic assisted the client in retooling and rebranding the product to bring it up to date, and developed a new Learning Management System (LMS) platform. We also designed a new website that was SEO focused. Additionally, Lunar Logic staff created YouTube videos that compliment the training skills and methods in the program, and continues to coordinate email marketing and Adwords campaigns to drive new sales leads.

Results: Waitrainer has seen a growth in subscribers and is regularly taking in new investment. It is the technologically leading LMS in the industry and is the first result for “restaurant training” on Google. The client has seen organic traffic quadruple from 2011 to 2013, as well as an increase in website engagement and conversion. Waitrainer+ has successfully signed on several large restaurants and chains through the United States, Canada, South Africa and Shanghai.

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