Whirled Pies

Challenge:Whirled Pies is a longtime favorite Eugene pizzeria and bottle shop with a reputation for excellent food and service, as well as very good long-term business relationships. They wanted to expand to a second location, and had an opportunity to purchase another pizza business that also housed a music, arts and community event venue in a historic location downtown. However, the former business left a legacy of problematic issues with vendors, customers, musicians and other local businesses that Whirled Pies would inherit unless they could successfully rebrand the venue as their own. A primary concern was the lasting Internet presence of the former business, and the negative reviews that went with it. Additionally, the web presence was scattered across three separate sites. And finally, although the community had embraced the venue, they were underwhelmed by the former pizzeria’s menu and inconsistent quality. Whirled Pies knew it would be a challenge to change people’s thinking about this location, so that they would see it first as a great restaurant, and second as quality venue.

Results:Whirled Pies local search profiles and branding are now consistent across all search engines. With the launch of the new website and the Happy Hour AdWords campaign, organic sessions and users increased by over 50% in the first 90 days. Additionally, customers are more engaged on the new site, spending more time browsing events and menu items and are viewing more pages than previously.

Solution:Lunar Logic worked closely with Whirled Pies to create a multi-stage reputation management plan to rebrand the restaurant as Whirled Pies and the event business as Whirled Pies Presents. First steps included SEO work to unify the separate websites into one site with information about both Whirled Pies locations. As part of this work, Lunar Logic’s inhouse designer, photographer and developers redesigned and the WordPress website with beautiful imagery that showcased the rebranded building. Simultaneously, the support team changed email addresses and the email host, and analysts scoured the web for outdated backlinks that might mention the former business. These efforts ensure that when people search for either the former business or the new one, they find Whirled Pies, with no reference to the former pizzeria. To promote the restaurant change, Lunar Logic launched a carefully targeted AdWords campaign to promote Whirled Pies’ Happy Hour specials.

To visit Whirled Pies: please click here
Throwing dough at Whirled Pies Downtown
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