Challenge: As a successful construction and aggregate production company with an excellent reputation, Wildish recognized that searchability on the web would be increasingly vital going into the future. Additionally, they wanted a website that would give potential clients a better sense of the company’s history and the breadth of work that they provide. Their Drupal website did not give them the ability to showcase their history, personnel, projects or community involvement with the kind of sharp imagery they wanted. However, Wildish did like the Drupal Content Management System (CMS), in that it was easy for employees to update and maintain the website without the help of a developer, and they wanted a CMS that was equally simple and intuitive.

Solution: Lunar Logic’s in-house designer and developers worked with the client to design and build a new website in Ox with an easy-to-use CMS. This new website provided much better options for searchable content, imagery and video. The design emphasized the company’s family-oriented culture and incorporated gallery pages and project galleries for the different divisions. To showcase Wildish’s history in the community, Lunar Logic built a landing page slideshow and an interactive “About Us” page with a historical timeline of the company. And finally, our in-house photographer worked with the Wildish team over several days to photograph company employees at the home base in Eugene and the satellite offices in Portland and Vancouver for the new Wildish “Our Team” page.

Results: The Ox CMS allows Wildish personnel to easily manage the site themselves and add high quality content, including high resolution images and video to showcase their history, projects, personnel and community service. Because the website is now searchable, clients are able to find and contact different Wildish divisions easily and Wildish is better able to efficiently respond to bids. This has markedly improved clients’ experience. By adding project galleries, Wildish is able to provide potential and current clients with a portfolio of their work. Since re-launching the site, Wlidish has seen significant increases in time spent on the site and pages viewed per session, indicating that visitors are engaging more with their content.

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