About Us

Lunar Logic is a technology firm that helps businesses make money online. We take a commonsense, data-informed approach to everything we do, whether that’s business software integration and automation, digital content creation, analytics, or building websites and content management systems.

Put simply, Lunar Logic connects the systems that make a business successful, so you can see what’s happening with your company to make better, more informed decisions to optimize your brand and increase ROI so you can grow online.

We have experts in analytics, SEO, content creation, and engineering all working together, all in the same room. That means you won’t get a template strategy handed down from the creative team. Our engineers, analysts and creative team members collaborate to consider your specific business goals. Then we put the pieces together to create a customized online strategy that makes sense for your unique business.

This strategy might include website and mobile application development, SEO, content marketing, and/or paid search advertising to drive new traffic to your business. Whatever your needs are, the results of our collaboration are directly measurable so you can see what’s working and where you want to invest in the future.

Measurement & Analytics Services

At Lunar Logic, we believe good data gives businesses the tools you need to make the most strategic decisions about how to best invest your resources. But getting the data is just the first step. Our highly trained analysts are real world data-nerds who wield measurement tools like masters of their craft, and are able to interpret those results and discuss them with you in plain English. We rely on measurement and analytics every step of the way, from the moment we start to develop a business strategy, all the way through to make sure end results match our clients’ expectations.

We’re happy to help you with SEO auditing, data analysis, market research, Google Analytics configuration and training, Google My Business setup & search optimization, and more.

Custom Software: Website Design & Development

Whether you need a new website or just an update, our team of engineers, SEO analysts, designers and content creators have what it takes to create a working solution. Maybe you’re a small business and you just need a brochure-style website that isn’t going to break the bank. We have the resources to build that for you. If you need ecommerce, we’ll work with you either to configure a pre-existing platform to suit your needs, or create a custom solution. And if you need to do a lot of content entry and updates on your website, we build in platforms that make it easy; with a little training, you’ll be able to take the reins on your own website content entry and save in the long run.

Our engineering team can provide you with assistance in website development, software engineering, website hosting and ongoing support.

Go Mobile: Responsive Design

According to Google, more searches are now performed from mobile devices than desktop, and Google now penalizes sites in mobile search rankings if they aren’t optimized correctly. If your website isn’t responsive, or otherwise offers a poor mobile experience, your online presence will suffer. Lunar Logic’s engineers are well-versed in mobile solutions, and can update your existing site or build a new one designed to provide the best experience for both desktop and mobile users.

Digital Content Creation

Content drives traffic to your website and is fundamental to SEO. In order to maximize your website's searchability, you need relevant and valuable content that provides long term value to your business. At Lunar Logic, our word-nerds, photographers and designers get excited about digital content and are here to help you develop the most valuable content strategy for your success.

Content marketing is our passion. Our creative team is skilled in blog and website content writing, brand consulting, graphic design, photography and video production.

Paid Search

Paid search isn’t about blanketing the web with ads—it’s about making sure your ad appears to exactly the right customer, at exactly the right time: when they’re about to make a decision. Unlike traditional advertising methods, every step of search engine advertising is measurable and works in combination with SEO, social media and traditional advertising channels to drive qualified traffic to your website.

At Lunar Logic, we have experts in Google AdWords paid search (PPC) and display campaigns, video and shopping campaigns, retargeting campaigns, YouTube Channel setup & video search optimization, and more.

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