3 Fundamental Ways Facebook Helps Your Brand

The year end is often reserved for reflecting on the year that passed, or looking forward to the year that’s coming—and in a perfect world, it’s for both of those things.

If you’re considering how to open new doors ...



How to Handle Your First Networking Event

I still remember my first networking event. I stressed about all kinds of details. What was I going to wear? How should I wear my hair? Do I bring a purse or a card case? I worried about all the wrong details: all the superficial things that could lead ...



Is Snapchat the Right Fit for your Brand?

Snapchat is the Cinderella of social media, but is it a unicorn? As a social media platform, Snapchat has a high number of daily users, but their engagement with brands is low. As opposed to Instagram, which is a network where users are more willing to ...



Five Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Local Ranking on Google

In late 2015, Google made a big change to how local businesses are shown in search results. They’ve reduced the space given to listings from Google My Business from seven to just three, and increased space for paid search ads above the fold. In ...



Keeping Content Fresh: Feeding the Search Engine Spiders

We’ve all heard the old adage “content is king”. Bill Gates wrote about it back in 1996, and internet marketers and SEO professionals have been pulling it out of their hats ever since. Twenty years later, this pithy saying is still accurate, ...



AdWords Customer Match: What It Is, Why It’s a Big Deal, and How You Can Start Using It Now

By Zac Bond

Recently, Google rolled out a new feature for AdWords: Customer Match. Customer Match lets you upload your customer or promotional email lists into AdWords, which Google then matches to logged-in users, allowing you to serve ...

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