How to Audit Your Social Media in 7 Steps

Here at Lunar Logic, we don’t ever want to stop learning, improving, and getting better at what we do. Taking stock and seeing what we can do better in every aspect is something we do relatively frequently.

In this blog post, we wanted ...



WYSIWYG: What You See is What You Get (Part 2: Pros & Cons)

By Mac Moyer

To WYSIWYG or not to WYSIWYG? Let’s answer that question. Our last blog post, WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get (Part 1: An Overview) introduced you to the concept of WYSIWYG. Remember, “what you see is what ...



WYSIWYG: What You See is What You Get (Part 1: An Overview)

By Mac Moyer

Some of the stranger technical terms aren't technical at all. WYSIWYG (which we like to pronounce “wizzy-wig”), for example, is an acronym for a familiar phrase: “what you see is what you get.” When we ...



What is Digital Marketing?

During the 2013 holiday season so many people shopped online that shipping companies couldn’t keep up. ...



What is 'The Age of the Customer'?

By Leah Sikora

It seems that each business writer has a different term for the moment we are in: the Digital Age, the Social Media Age, the Age of Recommendation, the Age of Passive Aggressive Facebook Statuses, or the Age of the Customer. ...



Our Top 3 Online Security Tips

By Ron McCulloch, System Administrator

Every few weeks it seems like there’s a major security breach that results in a publicity nightmare and costs a company valuable time and resources to fix. Think:

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