What is MongoDB?

By Michael Calabrese, Senior Programmer

You have heard in the wind "NoSQL." Your developers are whispering document databases are cool. Well, we at Lunar Logic have begun building projects using MongoDB, a NoSQL, document-based database. ...



Web Trends of 2012

by Jason Holland, Interactive Graphic Designer

Some of the design trends of 2012 have been gaining momentum over the last few years. Others have become such a driving force that they have practically become a requirement—there are ...



Facebook vs. Google +: War of the Social World

This year, Google took on the heavy weight contender in the social media arena, Facebook. Their service, Google+, offers new features that Facebook has been criticized for over for years. One of the biggest features Google+ offers is the ability to ...



Play it Safe with Concussion Awareness

By guest blogger Bev Smith, Executive Director of Kidsports

Sports-related concussions in youth sports can be serious or even life-threatening situations if not managed correctly. Medical research into sports-related concussions and the ...



Who stood up for you?

Sarah-Kate Sharkey, guest blogger CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children, Lane County

Think back for a minute to when you were a kid. What are your most vivid memories? I remember playing in my backyard until after dark, creating ...



Put the User first; Keep it Clean, Keep it Simple

by Jason Holland, Interactive Graphic Designer

The most common goal of a company’s website is to convert visitors into customers and in turn generate revenue— So it should be the goal every company to create a user experience ...

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