Tech Solutions for Taxes

Guest Blogger Nancy Sikora, CPA

The best thing you can do to help with your taxes is to be financially organized. There are many free organizational programs, but the one that I am most familiar with is Quicken for individuals or QuickBooks ...



Why Flat Design is Trending

Once again, the Internet is abuzz, this time with the latest trend in digital design. Apple’s iOS 7 rollout is stoking the fires of the latest great debate—



Better Living through JavaScript: Three Ways to Use Client-Side Scripting

JavaScript is a well known, established contributor to the way we experience the web. JavaScript has formal standards. It has advanced libraries to ease the developer's job and better match special needs. Perhaps best of all, JS can, and usually does, ...



5 Ingredients for SEO Success

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an essential part of any online marketing strategy. SEO helps people find your website easily in search results for related terms, ...



Press Release: Lunar Logic Welcomes Sales Consultant Becky Atwater

Lunar Logic is excited to welcome Sales Consultant Becky Atwater as the newest member of our team! With 20 years of experience in selling print and digital marketing services, Becky will assist VP of Sales Celeste Edman in providing local and regional ...



How to get started with Google AdWords

Did you know that businesses who advertise using Google AdWords see an average revenue of $2 for every $1 invested in AdWords campaigns? As a digital marketing and AdWords ...

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