Holiday Time! Sites that Say ‘Tis the Season

With 67.7 million people in the United States with high-speed internet, the trend for retailers in 2011 seems to be that most have highly graphical and visually ...



Seasonal Website Design

Whether you love or hate the holiday season, it's an influential part of public life, observed not only in homes, but offices and public spaces as well— so it's common these days to see companies decorate their websites to connect with users. A ...



Is Content All It's Cracked Up To Be?

"Content is King." You may have heard this phrase before. When Bill Gates coined the adage, way back in 1996, the Internet was in its toddler years—



YouTube Advertising and the Power of Online Video

Every minute, another 15 hours of online video is added to YouTube. Are you in awe? You should be! YouTube represents a majority of online video and that’s for a good reason; they get over 100 million views per month. Videos are affordable to produce, ...



Your Website on the Battlefield: What You Need to Know to Survive the Browser Wars

In an ideal online world, web developers would be able to write code that works the same for every browser. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The browser wars rage on, divisive and chaotic as ever. Worse, even: there are more sides, on more battlefields, ...



How to Make the Most of Google Adwords: the Tools You Should Know About

You’ve set up a Google AdWords account. Maybe you’ve used it to set up a few campaigns. You might be wondering how to make this new tool better. At Lunar Logic we’ve taken the time to study and explore the Googleverse, and we know how ...

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