Here Are 4 Things You Need for an Excellent Backlinking Strategy

When it comes to SEO, there are a lot of moving parts to keep track of. Site speed, meta descriptions and image alt tags, design elements, responsiveness, forms… it can all start to feel like a lot.

Then, add in something like backlinking ...



How Do We Keep Momentum on Social Media?

Doing the same thing every single day, without fail, can be exhausting. We know this to be true in our daily lives: cleaning our kitchen after making dinner can be extremely tiring and boring; the daily commute to work can feel mind-numbing.



Here’s Everything We Learned from Google’s #HolidayLivestream18

Last Wednesday, we hosted a livestream viewing of the Google event, Drive a Holiday Shopping Rush for Your Business. This livestream was extremely beneficial not just for Lunar prospective clients, but Lunar clients, as well as the entire team here at ...



What Makes a Good Call-to-Action?

Last week, we talked about bounce rates and paid ads, an issue that anyone who runs paid advertising online should be concerned about. In that blog post, we mentioned ...



Why Is The Bounce Rate of My Paid Ads So High?

Everyone worries about the bounce rate of their website. Are potential customers interested? Or are they leaving? What’s making them leave?

A data-led approach to marketing can be a good thing in many ways—but we’ll be ...



Welcome to the Team!

We had a few major changes to the Lunar Team in July. Change is always difficult, but sometimes, it works for the best. If the Wonder Woman poses of our new team members doesn’t make it obvious, they have made a huge impact on the Lunar team already! ...

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