6 Tips for a Better Facebook Ad

Sometimes, it feels like Facebook ads are rapidly taking over the world. Between sponsored posts, boosted posts, and ads, the Facebook timeline is starting to feel a little overwhelming—and that doesn’t even include any regular content from ...



3 Brand Voices That Are Proven to Boost Engagement

Does your brand have a voice?

If that question leaves you a little nervous, let’s take a few steps back. What does it mean for your brand to have a voice?

If your brand (your logo, your website, your content) came to ...



How to Decide Between Instagram & Facebook For Your Brand

In the past few months, there have been some pretty significant changes to both Facebook and Instagram. These changes have made it pretty confusing, especially for business owners, to decide where to focus their energy. With so many social media platforms ...



How to Make Your Strategy Match Your Goals

When it comes to running your business, we know there are always things on your plate. You have a lot to think about! If you’re like our CEO, Celeste Edman, you set pretty intense goals for yourself and your business.

When you’re ...



How to Create a Blog Strategy That Will Help You Love Your Content

In 2018, 53% of marketers say that blogging is a top priority when it comes to marketing.

Whenever I see a piece of data, or a statistic that seems particularly important, I ask, “why?” And for that statistic in particular, ...



Are You Using Data to Make Digital Marketing Decisions?

Here at Lunar Logic, we are data nerds. We love learning everything we can about and from data—because we know it can help businesses make better decisions when it comes to their marketing.

When it comes to deciding where to take ...

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