We’re a Development and Design Agency but not as you know it.

We are a team of developers and designers working together from our office in Krakow Poland. We have shareholders and a CEO yet have developed our organisation around the agile principle of self-organisation, minimising managerial hierarchy. Instead everyone at Lunar is empowered and accountable to act for the success of Lunar and its Clients.

Transparency is our first Value Proposition

Transparency is absolutely crucial as it translates to trust. We don’t believe that any relationship including a business one, can last in the long run unless you can establish and maintain mutual trust. For startups looking for a partner to discover, design and develop a viable product or a founder who wants to get their value proposition to market; transparency and trust should be non-negotiables when choosing who to work with.

With transparency in place we can then take responsibility for creating value for our Clients and their users.

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We take responsibility for creating value

As a self-organised entity everyone is expected to be their own project manager and to collaborate effectively with all members of the wider project team including, when required, with the Client.

Being in the software business we define that our ultimate goal is to make our Clients and their users happy. To achieve this we want to get our Client’s Value Proposition in front of their target user group as soon as possible. Often that can mean building less and not more software. This is because fewer features can often allow for greater focus on validated learning from each specific feature. Validated learning encourages creativity and this creativity with focus leads to more value for our Clients.

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> 50% women developers
0 managers
100% transparency

We optimize hiring to ensure for good collaboration

Craftsmanship and technical skills are pivotal when we look for new hires. They are however, not the first priority when we interview.

For us the way people collaborate with each other and with our Clients is absolutely paramount. Collaboration is the Lunar way so feedback loops have to be short and effective, especially in an agile environment like ours. That’s why we care so deeply about our organizational culture. It is what makes us who we are and we understand how important it is to nurture and protect it.

Our organizational culture is also what differentiates us from other IT companies you might encounter. The culture’s cornerstones are transparency and accountability.

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„The team is friendly and highly professional, and they have guided us through the process with impressive responsiveness and patience with our ideas and requests. We are very happy with the end product and would gladly recommend Lunar Logic to others.“

Mia Pantzar
Policy Analyst and Communications Officer at IEEP

We do meaningful work and we do it well

This is also why we tend to be on the premium end of the pricing scale. We aspire to work with Clients who want to make the world an easier and better place to live in. We don’t however, believe that a discussion about rates in isolation from the value provided makes much sense. What does make sense is clarity about the value you get for the money you pay.

Our recurring Clients assure us that we’re good at providing both clarity and value. By focusing on transparency, responsibility and communication we optimise the Build Measure Learn (BML) feedback loop so energy and effort is not wasted. We can then channel our Client’s creativity together with our own to create products with measurable value.

Discovery Workshops: Try us out (almost) for free

Still a little tentative? Then limit your initial engagement to one of our 14 hour Discover Workshops where our designers and engineers will be happy to engage with you on product definition as well as product design.

We are always on the lookout for new, interesting endeavors and new Clients with the next great idea. We promise you’ll leave a Lunar workshop with your idea or concept fleshed out into a tangible product that you can start to design and develop with greater confidence focused on addressing identified user needs and stories.

In short you’ll be all set for future UX design and development work when your funding situation allows.

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