Audit for value

Tech debt squeezing recurring revenue? UX solutions inhibiting conversion rate? Validate your product's value proposition with Lunar's product audit.

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How would you benefit from the Product Audit?

Lunar Logic's Product Audit is aimed at startups and investors eager to rid themselves of historical tech and or design debt prior to a product re-launch or pivot. Commonly, this service is for products which already have an existing user base. This gives a valuable source of real user data for the audit. It also obliges Lunar to be laser focused on maintaining the satisfaction level of both the existing and future user base.


  • Technical audit outlining impact of current technical debt on business.
  • Identify and prioritise tasks for reducing tech / design debt for example bug fixes, increased test coverage & UX flaws
  • Proposals for immediate hot fixes
  • Review of existing UI / UX solutions and suitability for selected key personas
  • Initial recommendations on redesigning existing UI / UX for selected features.

The right scope for your project

Depending on the individual Client's priorities, the Audit can focus either just on UX, just on code and architecture, or a combination of both.

UX audit approach

We love the lean UX product approach. Our tool box is full of methods to help you achieve a better Product Market fit. Polishing your value proposition as well as re-evaluating and re-energising the UX. Our design experts will suggest the rights processes to bring you closer to your goals.

Our toolbox includes:

  • discovery session
  • competitive research
  • user journey mapping
  • exploratory testing
  • data analysis
  • user interviews
  • accessibility review
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Code audit approach

We will help you identify and remove the most pressing areas of your technical debt. You can count on our development team suggesting the areas that are affected the most, prioritising work for impact and preparing a plan, to get your codebase back on track.

Our toolbox includes:

  • security audit
  • code quality assessment
  • software architecture analysis
  • recomendations list
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Why audit in Lunar Logic

Our engineers and designers have a strong focus on the business perspective of the products they help develop.

You set the agenda.
You prioritise the focus on either UX design or code quality aspects of the product. We want every hour of our work to create maximum value for you.
Alignment before audit
We'll spend the first days in close contact with you to fully understand priorities and user pain points.
Experience supporting successful products
More than 15 years of experience in building and and improving products.

Our clients are a part of this journey.

„The team is friendly and highly professional, and they have guided us through the process with impressive responsiveness and patience with our ideas and requests. We are very happy with the end product and would gladly recommend Lunar Logic to others.“

Mia Pantzar
Policy Analyst and Communications Officer at IEEP

„Tremendous amount of experience, highly skilled professionals and are able to think outside the box. They have everything you need to build an outstanding and breathtaking website.“

Mathias Joss
Co-founder & CEO Hypoguide

„Pragmatic in their methods and are always focussed on working together to find and build the optimal solution. Their developers are world class, have a breadth of experience and are truly agile in their methodology. This team can solve any challenge you throw at them.“

Rohit Sharma
Director of Product Management Team at Funding Circle

UX Review benefits

  • Reevaluating value proposition
  • Help with positioning among the competition
  • Finding and eliminating usability issues
  • Achieving higher customer satisfaction and retention
  • Getting direction for further product development and design strategy

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Code Audit benefits

  • Achieve shortest time to market for a current chunk of work or aiming for a long term maintenance
  • Improve predictability of software changes
  • Immediately get aware of outdated parts of tech stack vulnerabilities harming your product security
  • Identify performance bottlenecks

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