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We work hard to understand your business goals and do what it takes to build something your users will love. We will help you choose the right technology for your project. Your team will consist of quality-driven software engineers with diverse experience.

Key technologies that we use in our agile software company

We also create digital product development services with the help of the following technologies

At Lunar Logic, we do not limit ourselves to the technology stack. Our team comprises eager-to-learn programming specialists who are happy to adopt new or rarely used technology in the IT world if our client's business needs justify it. As a software development company, we are well aware that functional and valuable digital products require openness and looking for new solutions. For this reason, the choice of programming technology is always dictated by the specific needs of your project. Agile software development is a priority for us, as we believe that the ability to respond effectively to changes in the creation of digital products and services is of paramount importance.

Development flow

We limit the number of features that are in progress at any given time and present them to you as soon as they are ready. We make sure you get a good sense of progress and the pace of development. It is very important for us that you give us feedback on the features on a regular basis.

Technical standards

We take pride in the quality of our code. It is important for us to deliver a product with maintainable architecture and resilient codebase. We embrace craftsmanship and adoption of best engineering practices.

The development process is supported by performing manual testing. Our testers are not only focused on looking for bugs and checking whether functionalities meet the requirements. They also provide feedback on the usability, design and performance.

Team augmentation

We can help even if you already have a development team. In case you are rewriting parts of the system or you just need a quick boost to bring your business forward - you can quickly scale your team up by our experienced developers. We can successfully bring your team to the next level, mentor your developers and make your team even stronger. We will gladly share our expertise knowledge and best practices. With us you have a full flexibility scaling your team up and down. We don’t expect any notice period, allowing you to make changes instantaneously.

Working with legacy code

Working in a greenfield project and building it from scratch is a preferable way for most of developers and teams. But in reality, you cannot always start from square one. Sometimes an already working product only needs some adjustments or bug fixing.

We treat every existing codebase as a challenge we can learn from. Instead of complaining on how badly the old code is written, we roll our sleeves and do our best in understanding the logic behind it, making necessary adjustments and refactoring.

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