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Join a no-management team at Lunar Logic. Contribute to our culture and develop your skills working on impactful projects.

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We have no managers. Every decision can be made by anyone at the company. Be it deciding how you work or what the salaries of your colleagues are. There’s no need to ask permission - there’s no one to grant one.


Everything at Lunar is transparent to every employee. Literally. From reasons why any decision was made to our payroll. You never need to wonder why or how things are happening.

Design your own job

A tester turned product owner, turned front-end developer is not an unusual story at Lunar. We don’t have formal positions; only roles that we fulfill contextually. You have freedom in terms of choosing what you do at work.

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Our Culture

We deeply care who you are. We believe that we contribute most when we bring our whole authentic selves. It means that we adjust our work environment to any need that you may have. It is anything from creating fitting physical space to providing emotional safety to express yourself. We understand that diverse people have diverse needs and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.
Great collaboration happens at the intersection of freely expressed divergent opinions, respect to others, craftsmanship and expertise. If anything, we optimize toward best collaboration. It means that there are many ways to shine at Lunar Logic and neither of them is ultimately better than others. The outcome of our work would suffer if we were all the same.

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Ruby Developer

Kraków, hybrid

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Not mentioned here? We’re always open to hiring dedicated people to our team! If you feel like you belong in Lunar apply anyway.

What you can expect

Open salaries
We know each other’s salaries and there is no place for guessing and gossip. What is more, we have the power to shape and change them.
All information inside the company is available for you. Want to know the financial data or our current client rates? Just ask.
Growth budget
We want you to develop your skills as much as you do. If you need a book, online course pass or a conference ticket, we will cover that.
Private Healthcare
Feeling low? Sign-up for a health check online and visit the doctor in a matter of hours. All our employees are provided with the Luxmed subscription.
Flexible working hours
We are happy that you have a life outside of work. As long as your team is happy, you can come to the office at an hour of your choice.
Flexible schedule
We know that life can be unpredictable. You can change your schedule to part-time or full whenever you want.
Adaptable working environment
We all shape the environment around us. You can influence the office and your work station however you like.
Knowledge sharing
Sharing is caring: we run internal workshops, presentations and pair programming sessions to help each other with self-development. Have other ideas on how to spread knowledge? We are open.
The more the merrier! For us having someone with a different background is a great learning opportunity. All of us speak English and we will help you with the paperwork.
Employment contract of your choice
B2B? A contract? Choose whatever suits your needs and change it anytime you want.
We provide our employees with Macbooks and any equipment that they might require to work in comfortable conditions.
We are happy to see you fit and healthy. You can join the program or get the financial support for any activity of your choice.
We treat everyone equally. For us you being different is a feature, not a bug.
English classes budget
You feel like polishing your language skills? We will happily support your tongue twists.

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We are happy to talk about our company and how we might make the environment more welcoming for you.

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