Do your clients need what you plan to ship?

Find out how a Discovery Workshop in Lunar Logic will help you save time and money on your product development.

Whether coming for our development or design services, most of our future clients get this advice: “Hold on! Let’s start with the discovery workshop!”

Why do we not just jump straight into developing the features? What are the benefits of spending time and money exploring product ideas at this very first stage of working with us?

Well, there are a few.

What value do you get out of a Discovery Workshop?

We believe our teams approach to solving complex product problems is a way to make sure that what you plan to build is exactly what's needed on the market.

Testing your idea and preparing the right MVP scope is a way for you to ship just enough to test your product idea and reduce the risks of spending too much time and money on launching something that's not going to stick.

1. Understanding of the need your product is to fulfill

Taking a step back with our team allows you to redefine your main assumptions and explore project risks. Together we name, define and shape the idea that you come with. While discussing, researching and playing with the initial concepts we surface the main assumptions, risks and values that will guide the product work.

Let’s be honest, the odds are stacked against you as an entrepreneur: you don’t know if an idea has legs until you launch, but you don’t want to burn money and launch to crickets either. We are here to help you turn your idea into multiple small bets. We want to enable your customers to kick ass and we do that with short, iterative, and collaborative iterations that we test with real users.

Riccardo, Product and Web Developer

2. Challenging your assumptions

We use our experience in building around 200 software products to help you avoid the mistakes that, well, we've already made. We will challenge your business idea. We will challenge your core assumptions. Most of all, we will challenge the solutions that you propose to address the business problem. It's not that we know that you are wrong. It's that we've seen enough software products going south that we know which questions to ask. This way we either reveal issues that you haven't thought of or ensure that the plan of avoiding the roadblocks is sound.

Our clients often come to us with what they call an MVP--Minimal Viable Product. It's almost always a product, sometimes viable, but pretty much never minimal. What we do during Discovery Workshops is we relentlessly challenge your assumptions to ensure the MVP you walk out with is as viable as possible and as minimal as we were able to convince you. And it's rarely, if ever, anything close to an MVP you started with.

Paweł, Agile Expert

3. Getting closer to (potential) users

Using empathy and design thinking tools, we’ll explore the needs, desires, frustrations and pain points of your (future) users. Through user research, the project team will achieve an understanding of who the main user personas are and how they are affected by a particular problem. This is crucial to achieving product-market fit and being able to communicate the value of your solution effectively.

4. Building shared understanding

During discovery, Lunar employees and your representatives will form a multi-disciplinary team working together to understand business objectives, desired outcomes, define success, brainstorm and explore possible solutions. We make sure that the team working with you consists of not only experts in various IT fields, but also those on various levels of seniority. This, from our experience, boosts creativity and makes a great team dynamic. As a result we not only will explore the problem deeply, but also find shared language and understanding and build solid grounds for an effective future teamwork.

5. Preparing the right MVP scope and estimation

Usually the effect of our Discovery Workshop is a development plan consisting of a defined and discussed MVP scope, ready for UI/UX design and development.

What it looks like

The workshops are usually run in our office Creative Space, where we have all the necessary equipment and conditions perfect for getting inspired and effective teamwork. Typically we invite our clients to spend two full days of workshopping with us (6-8h daily with a lunch break). During that time you will not only have a chance to work with our discovery team, but also be able to see how Lunar Logic operates on a daily basis. There will be plenty of opportunities to chat with our employees and get familiar with our work philosophy.

Can’t join the inhouse workshop in Cracow?

Ask about our possibilities organizing a remote version or our teams’ traveling availability.

No better way to build common understanding and trust than spending a few hours on a workshop together. Doing the product development exercises in a multi-disciplinary team involving the client and Lunar folks is the best way for you to kick off the collaboration with Lunar Logic! Be it in Cracow or remotely, discovery workshop is an investment that really pays off on the later development stages.

Paulina, Product Designer

Our toolbox

The tools and activities we plan for are adjusted individually to each and every product and client. We make sure to choose those that not only will be fun and fruitful for our future cooperation, but most importantly create a solid ground for future design and development work.

  • User Story Mapping
  • Event Storming
  • (Proto) Personas
  • Assumptions Mapping
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Competitive Research
  • Service Blueprint
  • and many more...

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What comes after?

Depending on the purpose of the workshop and your product we might jump into design or development phase

  • MVP scope development
  • Wireframes and Prototype
  • Documentation
  • Development Research
  • Technical Advisory

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Why work with Lunar Logic

Our engineers and designers have a strong focus on the business perspective of the products they help develop.

You set the agenda.
You prioritise the focus on either UX design or code quality aspects of the product. We want every hour of our work to create maximum value for you.
Alignment before audit
We'll spend the first days in close contact with you to fully understand priorities and user pain points.
Experience supporting successful products
More than 15 years of experience in building and and improving products.

Our clients are a part of this journey.

„The team is friendly and highly professional, and they have guided us through the process with impressive responsiveness and patience with our ideas and requests. We are very happy with the end product and would gladly recommend Lunar Logic to others.“

Mia Pantzar
Policy Analyst and Communications Officer at IEEP

„Tremendous amount of experience, highly skilled professionals and are able to think outside the box. They have everything you need to build an outstanding and breathtaking website.“

Mathias Joss
Co-founder & CEO Hypoguide

„Pragmatic in their methods and are always focussed on working together to find and build the optimal solution. Their developers are world class, have a breadth of experience and are truly agile in their methodology. This team can solve any challenge you throw at them.“

Rohit Sharma
Director of Product Management Team at Funding Circle