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In Lunar Logic we’re fully aware that to create a successful product you need much more than a set of working features. We can help you validate your business assumptions and make the right, data-driven decisions.

Gathering domain knowledge

From a better understanding of users’ needs and market research comes innovation. At the beginning of every project we dedicate time to broaden our domain knowledge and deeply understand the problem, we are going to solve.

At the early stages of our collaboration, we organize Discovery Workshops. This is a tool that helps us to get on the same page with our clients, broaden our knowledge and identify the core of the product. Our goal is to define a clear and unique value proposition leading to the MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

MVP discovery

A successful product is the goal that the whole team is moving towards during the development phase. We know that to determine if your product is a fit for the market, it needs to be validated with the end users. The more frequent validation is, the more precise solution we can provide. We want to bring your MVP in front of the customers as soon as possible. We believe that seeing the solution live and validating it against the existing market is where the huge amount of business knowledge is gathered.

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