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AirCasting Mobile App

Project domain


AirCasting is a set of solutions, from air quality monitor to an Android app, which measures and provides information about environmental and health data. AirCasting leverages gathered data to inform individual decision making as well as influence public policy. Through that, it creates an opportunity for everyone to be an environmental changemaker.

See live:

Our demands were never met with a "No", as the diversity of the development team at Lunar Logic guaranteed programming solutions across languages and platforms. Our architecture and designs were respected even as they worked with us to improve and refine them. It was incredible working with a team that could go from wireframes to a working website and Android app so rapidly.

Michael Heimbinder
Founder & Executive Director


  • Equip individuals with easily accessible data about the quality of the environment to inform their decisions about their outdoor activities
  • Build people’s awareness of the relationship between the quality of the environment and their physical wellbeing
  • Influence policymakers to establish laws to improve air quality, noise pollution, and other aspects of the environment
  • Enable environmentally conscious citizens to gather data about the environment that will be used by the broader community

Scope of work

front-end development
back-end development
mobile development
project management


Ruby on Rails

Collaboration time:

11 years

Team size:


Flow of work


Exploration of challenges of the existing website and development of a high-level plan to tackle them


Incremental and iterative design, specification, and development of the website scope


Development of a migration mechanism to automatically transfer all the assets from the old website


Implementing feedback-driven changes to the website after going live

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