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Project domain

BetDash was a social platform that enabled friends to wager on sports results. Not only would people bet on a specific result but also compete within a group who would most effectively predict outcomes of sports events. The startup was bought by Paddy Power.

Lunar Logic is one of the best software development firms I’ve worked with. Excellent team members that really get how to build software according to agile best practices. They worked closely with the developers on my team, were great to collaborate with, and were trusted advisors that we looked to often for scaling our application.

Rob Shedd
Technology and Product Development Manager


  • Bring fun to groups of friends interested in sports through creating a light-weight competition
  • Exploit betting mechanism to provide an objective measure of effective predictions
  • Increase availability of diverse sports events to engage people interested in a variety of sport disciplines

Scope of work

front-end development
back-end development
test automation
project management


Ruby on Rails

Collaboration time:

2 years

Team size:


Flow of work


Incremental delivery of features improving the experience of competition


Adding additional channels (mobile, Facebook app) to enable taking part in the competition anywhere


Integrating with Paddy Power internal systems to feed BetDash with a variety of sports events and enable Paddy Power customers to use BetDash easily


Designing and running A/B tests to generate insight on how the application is used and steer growth

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