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Funding Circle

Project domain

Funding Circle is a social lending network that provides fast and affordable small business financing. It brings social financing, which is known from the consumer market, to businesses where bigger loans are needed. At the same time, it creates an attractive opportunity for a safe investment for those with a surplus of money.

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Rohit Sharma
Director of Product


  • Improve manageability of investments and create diversification options for investors
  • Remove obstacles that small businesses face when applying for loans through creating a simple validation process
  • Help Funding Circle staff in the effective management of loan and investment applications
  • Help Funding Circle to achieve compliance with fraud risk management policies
  • Prepare architecture of the product for rapid scaling to serve an increasing number of customers

Scope of work



Ruby on Rails

Collaboration time:

4,5 years

Team size:


Flow of work


Prototyping and building a portal for investors where they could manage their investment


Extending and improving loan application process to improve the percentage of successful applications


Rebranding visual identification to make it coherent after the merger of two companies operating in the same market niche


Integrating with Salesforce to add CRM capabilities to the existing functionality


Refactoring of key technical components to evolve into microservices and thus enable scalability


Integrating with fraud risk management system to achieve compliance with relevant policies

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