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Philips ActiveLink

Project domain


Philips ActiveLink is a wearable device that monitors physical activity and sleep. Along with the accompanying application, it gives insight about activity, allows to set goals and helps to motivate yourself to stay fit and get healthier.

Over the last couple of years we did several projects together with Lunar Logic. LL implemented many important web features for our ActiveLink product. ActiveLink is an online service (web/apps) that aims at increasing daily activity levels of its users. It is a product of Royal Philips and Weight Watchers. We were pleased with both the way of working of LL and with the quality of the features they delivered.

David La Hei
SW Architect


  • Provide active people with more detailed insight about patterns of their activities through enhanced, visually rich reporting
  • Help people to improve their health through increased awareness of their sleeping habits and their impact on wellbeing
  • Challenge the common misconceptions about sleep through gathering, correlating and visualizing data about sleeping, physical activities, and mood

Scope of work

front-end development
back-end development
project management


Ruby on Rails

Collaboration time:

2 years

Team size:


Flow of work


Incremental delivery of reporting tools to make better use of existing data


Prototyping the solution for a new version of a wearable device that provided additional sleep data


Incremental development of sleep-related features based on lessons learned from the prototype

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