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Project domain

game development

Making a game is a team effort that requires many different roles involved. Skirmish is a showroom and a marketplace for those involved in game development: designers, artists, developers, composers, testers, etc. You can share your work there and it may become the thing that would land you your next job.

See live:

"I had the idea of Skirmish for sometime to help bring game developers together, and I wanted a quick way to test it. But I also wanted to make sure I have something solid to build on as well. Lunar Logic proved from the beginning to be right choice for the job. Highly skilled, honest, clear, on time, and last but not least important, passionate about the project. Their advise from the start helped correct the project path, and whenever I was at cross road, their insight always proved helpful. It’s a team that takes pride in what they build, and I would love to work with them more in the future.

Bashar Abdullah


  • Enable game development community to showcase their work and build their portfolio
  • Help professionals in game industry to find interesting opportunities
  • Help game development companies to find professionals to fill the missing spots in their teams

Scope of work

front-end development
back-end development
project management


Ruby on Rails

Collaboration time:

9 months

Team size:


Flow of work


Rollout of a plan of work to deliver the MVP against the deadline (a series of events where the product was to be presented)


Rapid development of MVP to meet intended delivery dates, including design in the browser to parallelize workSecond phase of development after a few months that included feedback gathered after MVP went live


Second phase of development after a few months that included feedback gathered after MVP went live

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