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Toucan Box

Project domain

toucanBox is a response to changes in education that get budgets and prestige of art cut, little hands-on work for kids and challenges related to increasing screen time. It regularly provides kids and parents with boxes of materials and instructions needed for hands-on creative play. Through that, it teaches kids concentration, solving problems and looking at things from a different perspective.

See live:


  • Give parents a simple source of inspiration and tools for their children to creatively play and craft stuff
  • Offer kids an alternative to spending time with a screen, which is more interesting than common educational activities
  • Help children to develop concentration, problem-solving skills, capabilities to deal with uncertainty, and ability to ask non-obvious questions

Scope of work

front-end development
back-end development
project management


Ruby on Rails

Collaboration time:

6 months

Team size:


Flow of work


Discovering multi-tier business model and adjusting the development plan to business constraints


Gradual development of the application to enable key features


Implementing fixes and changes based on feedback gathered from early customers

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